Moe's Meats

Raw Duck Necks

18 pounds of delicious, teeth-cleaning, gum-massaging, duck necks. Duck necks are perfect for any size dog and are especially great for dogs that have trouble with the larger turkey necks. Moe’s duck necks are sold by the 18-pound case (frozen and easy to break apart) or this case can be broken up into gallon freezer … Read more

Whole Bones for Dogs

Moe’s Meats and Bones sells bones! Moe is Portland, Oregon’s top seller of whole bones for dogs. We’ve got chicken feet, chicken backs, turkey necks, duck necks, lamb bones, venison bones, beef and buffalo recreational bones. If your dog eats bones, Moe is your one-stop for all your bone needs. AND if you want a … Read more

Raw Meat and Bones in Portland, Oregon

What is Moe’s Meats and Bones? Moe’s Meats sells ground, raw meat and raw bones to dogs and cats throughout the Portland metro area, Seattle, Vancouver, Corvallis, and even Bend. What kind of bones do you sell? Ohh, we’ve got quite a selection of raw meaty bones for your dog. Turkey necks, chicken, feet, duck … Read more

Something is new at Moe’s Meats

Never one to rest on his laurels, even when he’s working on his couch, Moe cracked his whip this winter, and the result is a complete brand refresh: a new name, a new logo, and great new photos, all on display on the updated, mobile-friendly Say hello to Moe’s Meats + Bones As per … Read more