Moe's Meats

Raw Meat Feeding for Dogs and Cats

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with new blog posts about holistic feeding and health for dogs and cats – know what I mean? Sometimes we can’t think of something creative, interesting, or unique to write about. So, here’s this – FEED YOUR PETS RAW MEAT. It’s good for them. Think about their long-term health … Read more

Welcome 2014

Hello New Year, As a purveyor of fine, raw meat products for dogs and cats, I’m excited for your arrival. To honor you, 2014, Moe’s Meats is inviting dog owners to offer raw meat bones to their 4 legged friends. In stock we carry chicken feet – AWESOME for strengthening cartilage and bone, chicken backs … Read more

What is Moe’s Meats?

Moe’s Meats is an LLC operating out of a residence in NE Portland. Because Moe’s Meats has minimal overhead, we can offer raw meat for dogs and cats at lower costs than local retail stores. Moe’s Meats sells Columbia River Valley ground meat in 2 pound tubes. See Shop Meat for inventory and cost details. … Read more