Moe's Meats

Wondering about Bacteria and Raw Meat Feeding

  Dogs and cats have completely different digestive systems than people. That’s why dogs can eat rotten garbage and cat poop and not get sick. The idea of bacteria in raw meat can often be worrisome to people as they consider a raw meat diet for their dog or cat. Our pets evolved as scavengers, … Read more

Get Your Order in by the 16th

We order our meat based on inventory and pre-orders, so there is no pattern to when our freezers will be full. We can say that usually we order about twice a month and our shipments arrive on Tuesday afternoons. To help ensure our customers have exactly what they want, we will now be announcing on … Read more

The Satchel Special-er

A bundle of 3 Columbia River tubes: Cowpie, lamb, and beef with veggies. Plus a container of organs. Plus 1 bag of beef split marrow bones.This bundle consists of 6 pounds of ground meat, close to 1 pound of organs, and approximately 3 pounds of beef bones. Limit 1 per customer, per order. No substitutions, please.