Moe's Meats

Today is Bison Day

dear meat eaters, today i declare bison day. that means every raw meat dog and cat eater should consider eating bison today. it’s a great red meat. high in protein and super lean. read on for more great bison attributes…..

Moe’s Meats Marketing

¬† ¬†Thanks for all the acknowledgements from those who have seen Moe’s Meats raw natural food for dogs and cats business cards all over town. Moe himself has been busy spreading the good word to all dog and cat owners about the health and cost benefits from buying raw meat from Moe’s Meats. Apparently in … Read more

When You Order Meat

When you order from Moe’s Meats, Moe sends his Meat Boy Bitch into the garage to pack up you order. Moe believes in micromanaging, so he sends his assistant, The BeagleFace out to supervise. Staying with the theme, Moe himself watches all orders being packed to ensure quality.