Moe's Meats

Beef Knuckle Bones

Moe’s Meats and Bones sells human-grade, antibiotic and hormone free, awesome recreational beef knuckle bones. Raw meat bones are an essential part of the raw meat diet for dogs. Time with a recreational knuckle bones means that dogs will be able to clean their molars and gums by chewing the bone. Rec knuckle bones also … Read more

Happy 2012 (aka Moe12)

Hello Wonderful Raw Pet Food Eaters!!! Moe’s Meats wishes you bountiful amounts of raw chicken, raw rabbit, chicken feet and rec bones. Not to leave out ground veggies for dogs, raw beef and ground tripe and cow pie. Mmmmmmmmm. We love selling raw meat at affordable prices and we strive to make this happen at … Read more

What is Moe’s Meats?

Moe’s Meats is an LLC operating out of a residence in NE Portland. Because Moe’s Meats has minimal overhead, we can offer raw meat for dogs and cats at lower costs than local retail stores. Moe’s Meats sells Columbia River Valley ground meat in 2 pound tubes. See Shop Meat for inventory and cost details. … Read more

Rec Bones

in the sun, with a rec bone, i almost forget how hot it is. now people. you should be, like, feeding rec bones to your loved ones, at least, like, 3 times a week. clean teeth, healthy’s like tv for your dog.