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Satchel Special: Dock's Puppy Starter Pack, Bargain Bundle of Training Treats


Dock’s Puppy Starter Treat Pack includes:

~ An 11-12″ bully stick from Jones Natural Chews
~ A 3ish-pound bag of beef knuckle bones for chewing and teeth cleaning
~ A 3.5 ounce bag of Evanger’s beef tripe treats
~ A 12 ounce bag of fish and venison treats from The Real Meat Company
~ 1 box of Answers cheese bite treats. Flavor options based on available inventory and can include Cumin, Garlic, Tumeric, Tumeric with Black Pepper, Blueberry, Cherry, Cranberry, Ginger.

Puppies take a lot of work and a lot of training, both of which require an array of training treats. Enjoy Dock’s Puppy Starter Kit and save some money.

Moe Says
Dock enjoys feeding his pretty face with these treats. I approve. 

As with all Satchel Specials, limit 1 per customer, per order. No substitutions, please.

Additional information

If you are interested in wanting to learn more about the companies in Dock’s Puppy Starter Pack, click the links below. Those links will take you to each product page where you will find company background, farming practices, and ingredient lists. Puppies are fun, treat them well with these unique and healthy training treats.