Moe's Meats

Bulk Raw Meat Pet Food

Bulk is big right now because we all want to stock up and save a little money. We’ve been bringing in more and more bulk items for our Portland pet owners, so be sure to estimate your freezer space and save some money.

We carry 18-pound bulk cases of Smallbatch patties, a local Portland company. These are individually frozen with paper between each patty for easy thawing. You can also take them out of their case, break apart, and store that way.

We offer two bulk options from Answers Pet Food. 30-pound cases of bulk logs and 20-pound cases of bulk patties. The logs are long, so be sure you have enough freezer space to store. If you’re unsure about storage, go with the patties.

Northwest Naturals provides us with two bulk options. 15-pound cases of nuggets and 25-pound cases of dinner bars. Both of these are our biggest bulk sellers.

Wild Coast Raw is the newest label to add bulk cases to their menu. Currently available in beef and turkey, these 18-pound patty cases are fresh and delicious. These are the easiest to store and handle.