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Finding a Vet that Supports the Raw Meat Diet

Similar to allopathic doctors, most vets aren’t taught about natural nutrition during their schooling. Usually what happens is a representative from a major dog food label attends one class and talks about balanced nutrition and how their dog food can help with X diseases. If you find a vet that is a naturopath that has … Read more

Looking for a Meat Grinder

Some Moe’s Meats customers like to buy whole bones from us and grind up their own fresh meat. What kind of meat grinder does Moe recommend? The Maverick Grinder is  top quality grinder that will do the job perfectly. We’ve heard from many folks that they have been using this type of machine to grind … Read more

How Do I Integrate Raw Meat Into My Pet’s Diet?

The key to transitioning your dog to the raw diet is to start slow. Their first raw meal should be 3/4 what they normally eat and 1/4 raw meat. You can slowly work your way from there. If you do notice they have a belly ache, pick up some digestive enzymes at your grocery store … Read more

Raw Meat for Dogs and Cats in Portland – Great Deal for the Earth.

hey – it’s me, satch, aka moe. i’m here to tell you that feeding your dog or cat raw meat is, like, really great for them and the environment. you know, local, sustainable, no bad junk in the food – it all equals less pollution. Check out the Meats-n-Treats section ( to learn all about … Read more

Raw Meat for Dogs and Cats in Portland, Oregon

Ahh, the BARF diet by Dr. Ian Billinghurst – that is what started the raw meat movement for pet owners. It began as a backlash to the processed pet food industry and as a solution to common health problems not found in pets until kibble took their bowls over. With the raw meat diet you … Read more