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Bully Sticks: An Indoor Treat During the Rainy Months

Are you ready for the rain with some indoor healthy treats for your dog? And, better question, do you know what a bully stick really is? Let’s start with what a bully stick is. It’s a dried BULL PENIS. Yup, it totally is. The penis is cleaned and drained, then dried and shaped. The bully … Read more

Wheat Allergies in Dogs

Allergies are super common among dogs, especially allergies to wheat. Their systems react the same way to repetitive foods as humans, they develop an intolerance to that food. If you were to eat wheat everyday and at every meal, chances are high that you would become sensitive to wheat – same with dogs. A diet … Read more

Looking for a Meat Grinder

Some Moe’s Meats customers like to buy whole bones from us and grind up their own fresh meat. What kind of meat grinder does Moe recommend? The Maverick Grinder is  top quality grinder that will do the job perfectly. We’ve heard from many folks that they have been using this type of machine to grind … Read more