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Wondering about Bacteria and Raw Meat Feeding

  Dogs and cats have completely different digestive systems than people. That’s why dogs can eat rotten garbage and cat poop and not get sick. The idea of bacteria in raw meat can often be worrisome to people as they consider a raw meat diet for their dog or cat. Our pets evolved as scavengers, … Read more

Vancouver, Washington Raw Meat and Bones

Hello Vancouver customers! Moe and his staff just want to thank you for gracing our freezers. We love that you make the short trek across the Columbia to pick up your raw meat and whole bones (not to mention bone broth and healthy treats) for your Vancouver dogs and cats. And because we are a … Read more

December Newsletter

Knuckle and Split Marrow Bones Sale Buy one bag of beef knuckle or split marrow bones and take 50% off your second bag. This special holiday bone sale is good until December 31st. Limit 4 bags of bones per order. Monday with Moe – December 12th Shop our freezers this coming Monday, December 12th from 9am – 2pm. It’s been such … Read more