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Raw Meat Pet Food is Your Healthiest Option

Columbia River Naturals, Satchel Special: Red, Bargain Bundle of Raw Meat 

Grain-free kibble. Sensitive formula kibble. Plain kibble. Fish kibble. Expensive and select kibble. You know what? It’s still kibble. If you’re worried that raw meat pet food is a risky choice, have you researched how many brands of kibble the FDA recalls every year? Kibble is not a safe bet and the fact is it’s … Read more

Whole Duck for Your Dog and Cat

Whole Duck for Your Dog and Cat

When you give whole ducks to your pets, you’re offering them the complete package deal – flavor, vitamins, minerals, muscle meat, bones, organs, and all compounds they require for a balanced diet. Duck is also super high in iron, is easy-to-digest, and had high amounts of amino acids. And pets love it! Yes, even cats … Read more