Moe's Meats

Raw Meat and Bacteria

It’s natural to be worried about gross meat germs when feeding the raw meat diet. Will my dog or cat get sick? Will I get sick? Will my kitchen be totally filled with bacteria from all the raw meat. If you have the space, I suggest preparing the meat in a separate place from where … Read more

Is My Pet Too Old to Start the Raw Meat Diet

After a lifetime of processed foods, you’ll want to start slow during this transition to raw for your senior pet. Just like with any pet that is new to the raw meat diet, start slow. Their first raw meal should be 3/4 what they normally eat and 1/4 raw meat. You can slowly work your way … Read more

When You Order Meat

When you order from Moe’s Meats, Moe sends his Meat Boy Bitch into the garage to pack up you order. Moe believes in micromanaging, so he sends his assistant, The BeagleFace out to supervise. Staying with the theme, Moe himself watches all orders being packed to ensure quality.

Meat Locker

  Hi Kids….This is Moe’s business freezer. It’s a business in here, with lots of meat (350 pounds in fact), rec bones and mixed veggies. If the people’s freezer isn’t packed, that will usually be fine for raw meat storage, depending on the size and number of dogs and cats. When we first started out … Read more