Moe's Meats

Curbside Raw Meat Delivery in Portland, Oregon

Yes. Yes. YES. Moe’s Meats does offer curbside delivery of your entire order. Just honk your horn when you pull up and we’ll load your order into your trunk and take your payment from you driver window. This is one of the advantages of ordering through Moe’s Meats – no shopping time and delivery to … Read more

Happy New Year – What’s New in 2009 for Moe’s Meats – a Portland Raw Meatery

What will happen at Moe’s Meats in 2009? T-shirts! Not just t-shirts, but MEAT POETRY t-shirts. If you have a preference as to which of Satchel’s poems you would like on your shirt, let me know. (You can click the underlined words in the tag cloud to the right to view his entire published poetry … Read more