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Love Your Pet, Wild Elk, 1 Pound


Feeding your dog or cat a wild diet of elk will limit exposure to added growth hormones and antibiotics that are present today in most farm-raised meats. Available in 16-ounce packages from Love Your Pet.

Moe Says
If you love your pet, you’ll feed Love Your Pet. 

Elk with bone.

Flash frozen into individual 16-ounce blocks, Love Your Pet raw, Wild Elk Dog Food is a nutritious blend of chopped meat and ground bone. Heart-healthy elk meat is a premium source of protein. It’s a great food for energetic, young pups or working dogs.


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About Love Your Pet raw dog and cat food products:
Love Your Pet, a Utah-based company, is proud that all their meats are certified to be free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and 100% organic. Their Organic Free-Range Bison is raised on the open grasslands of Montana and their wild Elk and Venison are exclusively provided to Love Your Pet.