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How CBD works for your pet

  • CBD products are designed to support a pet’s overall health and wellness by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, a complex physiologic system within every mammal.
  • When your pet is in pain, has anxiety, inflammation, digestion issues, etc. CBD strengthens this system so your pet is better able to handle daily stress and chronic pain. For a list ailments CBD can help with, click here.
  • Your pet won’t get high from taking CBD products. CBD is legal in all states. And we can ship to any state.


CBD is worth a try. For your pet’s stress and pain relief. And for your ease of heart.

If you want to read more articles about CBD extracts and treats for your dog or cat, click here: CBD for Pets.


Our CBD products

  • Moe’s Meats sells high quality CBD products developed specifically for pets.
  • All CBD products are made with premium human-grade, natural ingredients by a team of animal care specialists and scientists.
  • All CBD products are lab tested to ensure quality.
  • Every CBD product is crafted using sustainable business practices with respect to both the law and science surrounding hemp-derived CBD.
  • Shipping + handling to any state is between $7.00 – $14.00, depending on the size of your order. If you live in the Portland, Oregon metro area, pickup is in NE Portland off of 15th St.


CBD – Extracts and Treats

CBD Extract for Cats
150 mg CBD in 1 oz. bottle. Guaranteed analysis and lab verified. $46.00 / 1 oz
CBD Extract for Dogs (150 mg)
Small – medium dogs. 150 mg CBD in 1 oz. bottle. Guaranteed analysis and lab verified. $46.00 / 1 oz
CBD Extract for Dogs (300 mg)
Medium – large dogs. 300 mg CBD in 1 oz. bottle. Guaranteed analysis and lab verified. $77.00 / 1 oz
CBD Treats for Cats
.44 mg / treat. Guaranteed analysis and lab verified. Gluten free. 50 treats.
Three flavors to choose from – chicken, tuna, cheese.
$27.00 / 2 oz
CBD Treats for Cats Sampler Pack RxCBD .44 mg / treat. Guaranteed analysis and lab verified. Gluten free. 27 treats approximately, 9 treats of each flavor – chicken, tuna, cheese. $25.00 / 3 pack
CBD Chicken Treats for Dogs (1.75 mg)
1.75 mg / treat. Good for any size dog. Guaranteed analysis and lab verified. Chicken flavor. Gluten free.
4 oz = 25 treats approximately
8 oz = 50 treats approximately
16 oz = 100 treats approximately
$28.00 / 4 oz
$50.00 / 8 oz
$75.00 / 16 oz
CBD Beef Treats for Dogs (5 mg)
5 mg / treat. Best for 50+ pound dogs or those needing a higher CBD dose. Guaranteed analysis and lab verified. Beef flavor. Gluten free.
3.3 oz = 14 treats approximately
7 oz = 30 treats approximately
14 oz = 60 treats approximately
$40.00 / 3.3 oz
$70.00 / 7 oz
$115.00 / 14 oz


Ordering your CBD products

  1. Use the contact page to place your order or ask us questions. Email is the fastest way to reach us . Phone takes a lot longer. If you live in the Portland, Oregon metro area, let us know the day and time you’d like to pick up your order. If you want your order shipped, include your mailing address. Shipping and handling is between $7.00 – $14.00, depending on the size of your order.
  2. We will reply to let you know when we can fulfill your order and your total. If you’re picking up, we will provide our address and payment instructions once we confirm your pickup time.


“Our 13 year old dog, Angel, is now off her pain pills. She can walk without pain and seems happier because of the CBD drops and treats.”
– Geri T. Kingston, PA

“The CBD drops have reduced my dog’s seizures. What used to be a frequent event is now a rare occurrence. Prior to CBD I tried everything and nothing really helped without side effects. I’m so grateful for CBD in her life.”
– Ashton G. Milwaukee, WI

“Our anxious and totally stressed our cat is now replaced by a sweet, loving, and playful kitty because of those CBD treats.”

-Marie H. Portland, OR