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CBD Massage for Pets

Massaging your pets with CBD is a fantastic way to relieve muscle, ligament, and joint pain, arthritis, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. It’s also an awesome way to connect with your pet and ease them into a restful sleep. Moe gets a massage several times a week, usually in the morning or right before bed. We typically use the CBD extract… Read more →

Fill Your Bowl with Raw Meat and CBD

Moe and Meat Woman are working on big website changes. The look will stay the same, but the ordering process will be updated. Current customers will have the option to order as they always have (via email) or use our soon-to-be-released online ordering system. Moe’s new online ordering system will offer current raw meat and CBD inventory options, online shipping options for… Read more →

CBD Extract for Dogs

We sell CBD for pets by a Colorado-based company called RxCBD. Their CBD mission statement reads: We all want to do the best by our pet – improve their quality of life, especially at their most challenging moments. We recognize the value of natural products and believe in the extraordinary power of alternative medicine. Our products are uniquely formulated, backed… Read more →

CBD for Cats

Let’s start with defining CBD. CBD is short for cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are the chemical compounds secreted by the cannabis plant and interact with receptors on cells in the brain and body of ALL mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. CBD does not get your pet high because it is extracted from industrial hemp, not marijuana. This hemp CBD contains a minuscule amount (less… Read more →

10% Off Your Next CBD Order

Get 10% off your next CBD order We’re getting ready to place our next CBD bulk order, and have a special late summer special for you. Receive a 10% discount on all CBD treats and drops between now and Labor Day. To claim your discount, order and pickup (or have your order shipped) no later than September 4th.  Read more →

CBD Cat Treats

“Our kitty is no longer taking her anxiety meds. She can be comfortable in the house when guests are over and she’s so much more lovable. Her stress is greatly reduced because of these CBD treats.” – Trish, Oregon We love to hear how these CBD cat treats are helping pets all over the country. Our CBD cat treats are available in… Read more →

CBD for Dogs and Cats

The CBD drops and CBD treats are made specifically for dogs and cats. The CBD cat treats, CBD dog treats, and CBD extracts are made with care and balance with a respect toward sustainability. All CBD products are made with human-grade ingredients. In fact, people can take these products as well.   All CBD products are 3rd party lab tested… Read more →

Fireworks and Pets

Our pets are sensitive to the loud noises of fireworks. Bottle rockets, intense bangs, the grande finale after hours and sometimes weeks of our cats panicking and our dogs hiding. It’s not fun. In fact, it can be downright terrifying for our pets. Luckily, there is a natural and holistic solution to calming your pets fears and anxieties during firework… Read more →

Tips for Giving Cats CBD

Cats can be cats, which means picky when it comes to food. Here are some tips to help trick those particular cats who don’t want to take their CBD liquid or treats. CBD Extracts for Cats ~ Directly in mouth ~ From a spoon ~ On their front paw if they are still grooming ~ Hide in stinky and yummy… Read more →

Another Pre-Order CBD Sale for Pets

“Our 13 year old dog is now off her pain pills. She can walk without pain and seems happier because of her CBD drops and treats.” –– Geri T., Kingston, PA CBD works For dogs and cats in pain, suffering from anxiety, seizures, mobility issues, and other ailments, CBD has become a vital part of their healthcare plan. To keep your pet’s… Read more →