Moe's Meats

Welcome to Moe’s Meats

hi. my name is satchel. aka Moe, founder and proprietor of Moe’s Meats ( as you can imagine, i am no ordinary dog. on the contrary, i’m Satchel, Rhodesian Ridgeback and card carrying member of the Ridgeback Mauraders, class of 2005. i assume you are, like, checking out my site, and, in so doing, you have, you know, found my blog. you are, like, a very fortunate human.

so, i started, you know, Moe’s Meats, as a way to get humans off the kibble. well, not humans, but to get humans to get their dogs off the kibble. kibble kills. haven’t you heard? cats too – they should eat on the raw, like, all the time. and even though, like, i don’t, you know, particularly like cats, i believe they deserve to eat well and fatten up.

beyond, you know, a recap of my wandering Ridgeback thoughts, i’ll also throw in some favorite recipes, tips, treats and links for, you know, your educational delight.