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Human Point of View: Is it Gross?

Is it gross to have to thaw out the meat, break in up into meals, handle it, smell it, then clean it up?

Sometimes it can be. I’m a vegetarian and not used to handling meat at all. I was definitely nervous about feeding raw meat to my pups, but I was also committed to their good health, so I pushed through my fears.

I didn’t have anyone telling me how to do this, so the first time I tried to thaw a few weeks supply of meat, then make them into patties and re-freeze. I read that that was the best way to feed your pups – in patty form, and had no idea the mess I was getting into.

The walls were splattered with raw meat, my yellow rubber gloves were a mess and I thought I was going to die. It was bad.

After that experience I realized that all I needed to do was pull out a chub or bone pack (one or two meals worth), toss it into the utility sink and cut the raw meat out of it’s package when it was mostly thawed. It would then be fine to put in the fridge (bottom shelf with plastic bag over the dog bowl) until feeding time. Limited mess and minimal handling of the raw meat. (I’m still trying to reckon why someone said that patties were the way to go).

So is it gross? Tripe can be smelly and chicken has the most blood. Bones are the cleanest and turkey makes minimal mess.

For us, as long as we keep the silverware, yellow gloves of happiness (that’s what Moe calls them) and towels out of our kitchen and in lthe aundry room, there is minimal grossness to feeding your dog or cat raw meat.

Tell me your grossest raw meat story? Moe would love to hear it.