Moe's Meats

Human Point of View: Menu Selection

When starting out, the best plan of action when ordering raw meat is to select one or two chubs (2 pound packages) of several different kinds of meat. You dog or cat will let you know what they like and don’t.

Here are some guidelines:
Tripe: I don’t think I’ve met a dog that doesn’t love tripe.
Organ Meats: All cats need these meats in their diet. If they don’t like them straight, then mix them in with beef, chicken or turkey.
Beef: Some dogs don’t like to eat too much beef and will refuse to it after several meals. Blend it with a second meat or only serve on occasion.
Duck: Duck is fatty, so don’t feed to very young, very old or those new to the raw diet.
Rabbit: Some dogs and cats have allergies and this is the only raw meat they can eat. Rabbit is also on the expensive side, so if you have a pet that can only eat rabbit, let Moe know and we might be able to work out a bulk discount.