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Raw Chicken Feet – Great for Dogs

Ahhh – Here at Moe’s Meats we love CHICKEN FEET! Though they can be gross looking, chicken feet are an amazing source of nutrients for your dog. As long as the chicken feet are raw and never ever cooked, they make a wonderful meal.

If your dog is young and you are worried he might swallow the chicken feet whole, you can always hold the chicken feet for your pup so he can eat the foot in stages. 

Pulled from an August post, here are some chicken feet feeding tips:

1. Don’t look closely at the feet
2. Don’t listen to the sounds of scratching nails as you dump the package into the bowl
3. Don’t watch your pup eat the feet because inevitably your dog will look up at you with a foot hanging out of it’s mouth
4. No, you don’t need to clip the nails before feeding
5. Yes, they are considered a full meal
6. No, it won’t hurt coming out the other end