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Traveling With the Raw Meat Diet

Traveling with your dog and wondering how to feed them the raw meat diet? This is where balance over time comes in. If you’re comfortable with feeding them a trusted brand of kibble, then do that. It’s was easier and less messy.

However, if your set on feeding raw while on the road, it can be done. Bring a meat cooler to keep everything frozen and thaw one meal at a time. Skip the stand alone veggies (way too messy) and bring meat that has veggies already included. We sell an 80% meat, 20% veggies ratio that would suit your dog fine while on the road.

Another option is to search out a meat department that sells free-range meats and serve it up to your dog. Here you can get in a variety of meats for your dog while slightly lessening the weight of your wallet.

You can also supplement kibble with canned tuna/sardines/mackerel, oatmeal, cottage cheese, unsweet applesauce and canned veggies (go low sodium).

Of course table scraps can work as well. Actually, you’d be making a full extra serving for a large dog – but it can work. Just don’t forget the rules about what not to feed your pup.

So yes, you can feed your dog raw meat while traveling. It may not be the easiest thing, but it is possible. Backpacking however, maybe out of the question.