Moe's Meats

Q & A with Moe

Moe asked me (MeatBoy) to start doing something around here, and I proposed an ongoing Q & A of sorts. He was all for it, and so I invite you to enjoy our first installment of “Q & A with Moe”

MB: Moe, tell me, why raw meat?

Moe: Are you really asking me that question. Haven’t you ever heard of letting a sleeping dog lie?

MB: Is that a trick answer?

Moe: No, idiot. I’m sleeping. Shhh. Is that thing on?

MB: What thing?

Moe: Your handheld digital recorder.

MB: No.

Moe: OK, then you’re an idiot.

MB: You said that already.

Moe: Said what?

MB: The part about me being an idiot.

Moe: Can I help you with anything else?

MB: I think we’re good for now.

Moe: Good. Could you bring my blanket? Oh, and the world needs raw meat.

MB: What’s that.

Moe: The answer to your first question.

MB: About me being an idiot?

Moe: No, about why raw meat for dogs and cats. Because the world needs it. And they need it for less money. And Moe, as you know, is loaded because of my trust fund. So I can, you know, afford to be generous.

MB: Thanks Moe.

Moe: My blanket…