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Rec Bone Season


Satchel gnawing on a rec bone
Satchel gnawing on a rec bone

What better time of the year to be outside for hours and enjoy some raw meat right off the bone? I always tell customers that rec bones are like TV for dogs. Need to clean the house or run to the store without walking your puppy? Throw them a rec bone and watch them be content for hours.

The chewing action releases relaxing hormones and the outside air tires them out. After working down a bone, they pup will usually come inside, gulp water, then pass out for the next few hours.

And it’s totally safe to leave half chewed bones outside until the next time puppy is ready to eat on them. Satchel calls this “letting the bones season” and our grass is pretty much a bone yard. We’ll toss the bones every now and then, but really they don’t bother us and they never make our dogs sick. Occasionally, the flies get annoying and in the very hottest part of the day it smells like raw meat, but both those issues only last for a short window of time.

So check out Moe’s selection of raw, meaty bones. They come in small, medium and large. Medium usually being bigger than a man’s palm and large can mean as big as your arm. Moe tries to keep the smaller medium size always in stock in the summer. For his smaller customers, the lamb bone tray is a great option as well.