Moe's Meats

What is Moe’s Meats?

  • Moe’s Meats is an LLC operating out of a residence in NE Portland.
  • Because Moe’s Meats has minimal overhead, we can offer raw meat for dogs and cats at lower costs than local retail stores.
  • Moe’s Meats sells Columbia River Valley ground meat in 2 pound tubes. See Shop Meat for inventory and cost details.
  • We sell whole bones from local distributors and can often stock hard-to-find bones at low prices.
  • We love talking raw meat, so give us a call and ask all your questions.
  • Moe’s staff will help you put together an appropriate diet for your dog or cat.
  • Once an order is placed, you pick a day and time range that works best for you to pick up your raw meat.
  • Drive to our home, located off of 15th Street in the Northeast and beep your home.
  • We’ll deliver your order to your car and accept payment from there as well (cash or check).