Moe's Meats

General Inquiry

Hi Potential Buyer,

We are a residence operating as an LLC in NE Portland off of 15th street. How Moe’s Meats works is we can chat on the phone or via email to answer all your questions, then when you place an order you select a time to pick up the meat and we deliver it to your car – so no shopping time required.

Moe’s Meats sells local, antibiotic and hormone free meats, that are USDA inspected (though not for human consumption b/c the ground meat does contain bone). We sell Columbia River Valley meats because we found them to be of the highest quality that is also the most affordable.

Our ground meat is sold in tubes called chubs that equal 2 pounds of meat. If you own dogs, all dogs should also be getting ground veggies with every meal. We sell meat that comes with veggies (80% meat & 20% veggies) and we sell 1.5 pound veggie packs that allow you to control the amount of veggies you add to their meal.

In case you didn’t notice, the Shop Meat section lists all our products and the prices:

If you have any questions Potential Buyer, just let me know.

Courtney, Meat Woman