Moe's Meats

Tell Me Can You Hear Me

hello raw meat buyers.

satchel here – the owner of Moe’s Meats in Portland, Oregon. Moe’s Meats sells raw meat meat meat for your dog and cat. if you haven’t stopped by to pick up an order yet, what are you waiting for? i mean, i offer the best raw meat deals in Portland. but for that, i’ll allow my lovely manager of sales, meat woman, to speak to that.

Hi Raw Meat Buyers,

Meat Woman here. Yes, Satchel is correct – Moe’s Meats does offer the best prices on raw, natural meat for your pet because we don’t have very much overhead (aside from my hige salary of course). We are an LLC operating out of our home. And that means we can offer great prices for our raw meat buyers.

How you order:
Call (503.245.2853) or email ( your order and tell us the time and day you would like to pick up your order. We’ll pack up your raw meat order and deliver it to your car. We’ll also accept cash or check from your car. So no shopping time required. It’s the equivalent of fast food for your dogs, except it’s actually good for them.