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Guest Post: Max Meal – Organic Veggies and Quinoa


Fourteen months ago, I was at my wits end with what to do for my dog Max, who was having seizures about every 6 weeks.  The many vets that examined  and tested him could only offer drugs.  I really didn’t want to go there.  I finally found a holistic vet who suggested I change his diet and also start making his food at home.

With her guidance, I started to feed him raw lamb and an array of cooked vegetables.  Long story short…..he is seizure free!  After about three months of seeing the amazing turn around, I thought about developing a vegetable mixture to go with a dog’s main protein.  Since I am a retired social worker, and knew next to nothing about canine nutrition, I hired an expert canine nutritionist as well as obtained the guidance and feedback from several other sources, including the holistic vet.  After nearly a year of testing and research, we came up with Max Meal. It is cooked, which is important I learned, as it is much more digestible and thus the dog absorbs more nutrition.  So now I am making Max Meal in my kitchen, freezing it in two sizes and feeding the dogs of Portland!

When I discovered Moe’s Meat I was so excited, thinking this is the perfect combination of food for our doggie pals.  Max Meal is a mixture of organic vegetables (yams,green beans, kidney beans, kale, broccoli, carrots, parsley) and quinoa, plus sunflower oil, cod liver oil, yogurt, kelp, bone meal, nutritional yeast, and a dash of cinnamon and cumin.

I haven’t met a dog yet that doesn’t like Max Meal, and it is the perfect side dish to Moe’s Meat. Other things that make it so helpful to dogs is that it is low in calories, so if pooch is a little over weight, they don’t feel deprived.  And, older dogs with sensitive teeth enjoy the soft texture.  One store tells me that their best customer is the “picky eater”.  If Max Meal is put in the dish too, it is gobbled up fast.   Max Meal is available in some pet supply stores in the Portland area as well as directly from me (Karen).

If you check out my website, you can see where to buy Max Meal and how to contact me.