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Something is new at Moe’s Meats

Moe's new logo
Moe’s new logo

Never one to rest on his laurels, even when he’s working on his couch, Moe cracked his whip this winter, and the result is a complete brand refresh: a new name, a new logo, and great new photos, all on display on the updated, mobile-friendly

Say hello to Moe’s Meats + Bones
As per Moe: “Yeah, bones…who DOESN’T love ’em?”
Moe has always believed in the power of raw meaty bones. It turns out, he’s one of Portland’s top sellers, as people (and their pets) love boxes of turkey & duck necks, chicken backs and chicken feet for meals, along with recreational chew bones for teeth and happiness.
A new logo!
As Moe puts it:
“OMG…it’s a bone….IN A BOWL! How clever!”
What’s best, he paid for the logo in his favorite currency–meat!
Great new playful photos!
One thing that was crucial for Moe was to showcase his fun side. After all, the raw diet is known to keep pets younger longer. And even though Moe is showing “a little grey” these days, he’s still hitting the parks with the best of them. To celebrate YOUR pet, send a playful shot of your little guy or gal in action, and we’ll post it to the blog.
Shop soon and pick up a brand new Moe’s Meats bumper sticker!
We’re giving away bumper stickers to help celebrate the web launch. Pick yours up today while supplies last. We’ll be slipping them into boxes and bags until they’re all gone. And help spread the word about Portland’s favorite home-based, raw meat seller.
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