Moe's Meats

About Moe’s the Ridgeback Behind Meats and Bones

Satchel PortraitMoe (his real name is Satchel) is an old soul Rhodesian Ridgeback with a serious demeanor and playful streak. A few years back, after a vision quest, he opened Moe’s Meats and Bones so he would never run out of raw meat. Because, you know, that would be realllllyyyyy bad.

After a few feedings, he agreed to start sharing with his roommate, “Roommate.” (Her real name is Maji, but Moe refers to her only as Roommate). From there, his idea expanded to the dog park circuit, where Moe would roll up with his now-retired meat wagon and start selling tubes at lower prices than other meat purveyors. The Woodlawn neighborhood is Moe’s stomping ground.

Moe’s Meats and Bones continued to grow from there. Moe soon converted the living room couch into a home office and base of operations. Today, Moe supports the eating needs of dogs and cats from the Greater Portland area, as well as Bend, Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, and even Seattle. He’s a great resource for Portland visitors and out-of-town travelers as well. People often email us as they are traveling and pick up meat along the way — what great pet people!

Because Moe has limited overhead, he is able to provide his dog and cat clients with great meat while keeping costs low for people. And speaking of people, Moe’s people care about how each pet is fed, and are happy to discuss ways you can integrate raw meat into your pet’s life.