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Classic Combo – Beef, Heart, Tripe

Raw Meat Portland
Raw Meat Portland

A message from Moe: For 2016 I thought I’d do something new, highlight my classic combos from the past and propel them into the future. I want to start with one of my all time favs, beef and heart + tripe = #HolyCow

At first I was, like, no way, what type of sacred beast could create beef and heart and tripe? It turns out, it is a sacred beast, the cow. Lucky for Moe, and his customers (i.e. me and you), I don’t source my meat from India. I source it from right here, from the Pacific Northwest. But back to the facts…Why is beef and heart + tripe a classic combo? Let me tell you why.

On it’s own, beef and heart in the Moe Orange tube is one of the tastiest meats in my stable, full of blood, nutrients, and organs, I can eat it all week long and never get bored. Now add tripe, I mean, we’re talking about tripe here, so not only do I get to eat the cow, I get to eat what the cow ate. If ever there was a META MEAL, it’s tripe.

Options for mixing: 
1. Mash style: Mix your beef and heart and tripe together

2. Thanksgiving dinner style: Pile it high in your bowl. First one to finish wins.

3. Dainty dinner at Grandma’s style (Moe’s favorite): Separate your beef and heart and tripe on opposite sides of the bowl and let the dog do his work.

Keep an eye out for my next Classic Combo coming soon.

Fill Your Bowl,