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Optimum wellness for our feline and canine, as nature intended – A guest blog post

Leia Munn, an Animal Naturopath & classical Homeopath, is promoting a species appropriate diet for our four legged friends. She writes:  

In my recently published book Carnivore Rainbow…message to all humans , I researched over 3 ½ years compelling facts that they are indeed carnivores not omnivores. The proof is in their skulls, their digestive systems that are of the classic carnivore type and their sharp, curved teeth designed for pulling ripping and tearing raw meats offal and bones.

I kept this book purposefully short, under 40 pages, to enable the reader to absorb the information research and facts in a short period of time so they may take back control of their pets well-being and follow through with action to reach optimum health.

It is my pleasure to team with Moe’s Meats & Bones of Portland, Oregon as very businesses not only understand the importance of this subject, yet also are willing to 100% embrace the species appropriate nutrition plan for our cats and dogs. It is my desire that ‘we’ together can educate the masses and allow once more our pets to thrive not just survive.

This new book can  be ordered directly through the author at