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Raw Meat Pet Food by Answers

Answers raw meat pet food at Moe's Meats and Bones in Portland, Oregon.
Answers raw meat pet food at Moe’s Meats and Bones in Portland, Oregon.

For all our very curious and highly informed customers: Here is some information from Answers about their wonderful raw meat products that contain additional ingredients (it’s from their Detailed raw meat pet food line):

No Heat or Pressure Pasteurizations

ANSWERS Pet Food never uses heat or pressure (HPP) pasteurization. These processes destroy nutrients and denature proteins that can be potential allergens.

Fermented Nutrition

Fermentation provides powerful health benefits. Fermented food improves gut health, enhances digestibility, and provides enhanced nutrient content.

Naturally Preserved

Fermented decaffeinated green tea (Kombucha) naturally protects the food from pathogenic (bad) bacteria all the way to the bowl.

No Synthetic Vitamins

ANSWERS Pet Food never adds synthetic (unnatural) vitamins that can be potentially harmful and put stress on your pet’s elimination organs (kidney and liver). ANSWERS Pet Food only uses whole food to bring nutrients to your pet’s diet.

Superior Sourcing

ANSWERS Pet Food only uses meat sourced from farms with a Global Animal Partnership (GAP) rating. This assures not only the highest quality meat but also assures the truly humane handling of livestock.

Green Packaging

ANSWERS Pet Food uses recyclable green packaging to minimize plastic contamination to the environment and your pet’s food. Plastic not only pollutes our environment, but also transmits toxins to food, especially when frozen in plastic.

The Right Combination

60% muscle meat, 30% organ meat, and 10% ground bone, the right combination to deliver the proper nutrition. ANSWERS Pet Food has the right protein-to-fat ratio making it appropriate to feed to dogs with kidney disease.

Professionally Formulated

ANSWERS pet food is professionally formulated by Food Scientist, Roxanne Stone, to ensure your pet is getting all the nutrients it needs. There is no need to supplement with probiotics, enzymes or omega 3. It is all in the food at the precise amounts that dogs require.