Moe's Meats

A Bit About Moe

Moe, owner of Moe’s Meats and Bones, a raw meat and CBD emporium.

Moe is his DBA. His birth name is Satchel. Middle name Wheaton. King of Blue is his AKC registered name.

He began his business career by going to the office with Meat Woman, back when she used to work at a software company. He’d spend his mornings in the car, his afternoons learning the ways of forging new business trails.

After he acquired, against his will, a roommate, he realized that in order to maintain his lavish raw meat lifestyle, he needed to start selling his own raw meat and bones to dogs and cats.

Moe had his own mini-freezer for his personal raw meat stash, then he found a used deep freezer on Craig’s List. After a few years a friend gifted him a second deep freezer and then the freezer acquisitions continued. Moe now has the capacity to store thousands of pounds of raw meat and bones in his inventory. He also offers dogs and cats an array of healthy meat and veggie treats and CBD extracts and treats for pets.

Thank you, Moe, for being such an awesome raw meat and bones (and CBD) seller. You’re the best.