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Guest Post: CBD Treatment for your Pets

Cannabidiol: A New Way to Treat Your Four Legged Friend 

Does your dog have weak joints? Or maybe suffers from allergies? No worries, it can be all kept under control with just one simple natural supplement.

It’s actually a product of Cannabis Sativa and it’s called cannabidiol or CBD for short. In fact, CBD has a potential of replacing conventional vet medications for a number of conditions.

Unlike the most popular cannabis substance, THC, CBD is much more safe to use since it has no psychoactive properties. CBD has become very popular in us humans, giving hope to a number of patients suffering from arthritis, cancer therapy side effects, depression and many more.

As it turns out, scientists discovered that dogs have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in their bodies very much like humans. This system is a machine that regulates functions such as mood, appetite, immune system etc. We all have an ECS, literally all mammals.

Thanks to that system the substances like CBD bind to the receptors which put our whole body into perfect balance. It goes same for dogs as well. That’s why more and more veterinarians are willing to recommend CBD to dog owners, regardless of the fact it still is not FDA approved for animal use.

Here is a useful infographic put together by Greencamp explaining all the conditions which can be treated with CBD.

Thanks to this infographic you can calculate what would be the best dosage for your dog depending on its weight.

There are new CBD pet treats and edibles on the market designed specifically for dogs. They don’t contain the psychoactive THC, so you don’t have to worry about getting your beloved dog high. But before your next visit to your local pet shop, do your research to find a reliable product for your dog.

Dog parents report improvement in their dog’s symptoms after using CBD, and in almost all cases there were no side effects.

Conventional medication can often cause upset stomach, damage to internal organs and other side effects, so if your dog doesn’t respond well to the medications, organic CBD is the obvious next step. And it’s all natural.

Author Bio:

Helena Miles is the content manager at Greencamp and has been writing and researching about health benefits of marijuana for several years. In her spare time, she is taking dance classes and reading as much as possible.