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What Cats Need in a Raw Meat Diet

Now that we have Meat Cat on board, we’re going to be focusing our next few blog posts on how to feed cats and kittens the raw meat diet.

In a nutshell, they need

~ Protein
~ Amino acids, especially taurine and arginine (these come from meat and fish exclusively)
~ Fatty acids
~ Vitamins
~ Minerals
~ Water

Cats don’t require fruit and veggies the way dogs do, but adding some here and there to a cat’s raw meat diet is totally fine. Feeding your cat tripe is an excellent way to bring in the veggies for him or her. Cat grass and wheatgrass will also fill the occasional veggie need.

Cats and kittens, especially when teething, appreciate a raw meaty bone to gnaw on or even a chicken foot. The chewing will help clean their teeth, release relaxing hormones, and stimulate their senses.