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RAWR Raw Meat Cat Food is Here

We’re thrilled, literally over the moon, to bring in this awesome line of raw meat cat food. We’ve been testing it out for a few weeks on our own little kitty and some select cat customers – and everyone agrees, this raw meat is something to purrrr about.

Feeding the raw meat diet is going to help your cat and kitty with their overall health, energy, and happiness. RAWR’s website notes these benefits when you feed your feline RAWR:

A raw diet is the purest and most natural form of food available for cats. It allows cats to successfully receive all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and proteins to keep their body functioning in a happy and healthy manner. We have seen amazing turnarounds in cats with:

– IBD (Vomiting/Diahrrea)
– Diabetes
– Social Anxiety/Neurotic Behavior
– Dandruff/Psoriasis
– Allergies (both cat’s allergies and humans allergic to cats)
– Urinary Tract Issues
– Overweight

And if you’re wondering how much RAWR raw meat you should feed to your cat, here’s what RAWR says:

Meals should be served twice a day with food being left out for 30 minutes although most Rawr cats have a tendency to gobble up the food within minutes! Cats require between 2-4% of their body weight per day. Start with 3% a day feeding ½ the amount in the morning and ½ the amount in the evening. Increase or decrease the amount depending on your cats needs. You can add a tiny bit of hot water to the meal to warm it up, or place the dish of food you are planning on serving your pet in a dish of hot water. Cats prefer food that is prey temperature, and some may snub their nose at food that is too cold.

So, head on over to our RAWR Shop page and check out our awesome deals!