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CBD for Dogs and Cats

Why do we only carry one brand of CBD for pets? Why not offer more selections? Honestly, it’s because we have yet to find another comparable brand that is worth it. RxCBD puts so much science and research into their products, not to mention wholesome ingredients, that this is the only brand. Here’s what RxCBD says about their CBD pet products.

  • Our products are uniquely formulated, backed by science, and made with love.
  • We’re pet owners, too! We love our pets and want them to be as happy and healthy as possible.
We don’t just care: we empathize.
  • We have defensible, data-driven processes for analysis and quality control, including full laboratory testing.
  • Veterinarians and holistic health practitioners across the country use our products.
  • We source from 100% organic hemp grown in Colorado.
  • We only use HEMP, not Marijuana. Our products do not make you high!
  • All of our pet products are made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients.
  • Our Customer Care team is always ready to help and eager to answer your questions.
  • Multitudes of customers have already witnessed profound changes in themselves and their pets.