Moe's Meats

Attention Portland Timebank Members

hi. moe here.

if you’re a member of the Portland Timebank, and really, who isn’t, your able to pay 10% of your meat order with timedollars (limit $10). that’s a great deal because, like, you’re not using real money, just, like, time.

if you don’t know what the Portland Timebank is, then you’re missing out. however, you can, like, join at any time. it works so that you offer services that you enjoy doing – pulling weeds, dog walking, dog feeding, cleaning poop and you “purchase” services from other people that you need – book keeping, back massage, reiki healing – stuff like that. it’s equal hour for hour, no matter if you’re an attorney or own a doggie day care.

so, like, check out the new economy, man. and buy some raw meat with it.