Moe's Meats

Introducing my new networking group

people and dog owners,

this is moe, owner and operator of Moe’s Meats, LLC – Portland’s finest distributer of raw meat for dogs and cats. listen:

last Friday, I, moe, tried going to what is commonly called a “networking” group. kind of like a dog park for people, you know?

anyway, get a load of this: they, the people, would not let me join? at first, you know, I thought it was because I wasn’t, you know, wearing pants. but NO!

they, the people, wouldn’t let me join because I, moe, was a dog. could you believe that?

after I peed on a nearby plastic plant (not to mention the “surprise” I left near the stairwell), I, moe, decided to start my OWN networking group.

and that group’s name is MEAT: Moe’s Entrepreneurial Action Team.

now – being an equal opportunity business owner and dog, I, moe, would like to invite you, a person, to join MEAT. all you have to do is, like, tell me what would be a good business referral for you, while at the same time, like, you know, help me get business too.

it’s a good model.

once a week (starting this week), I, moe, will post what will be a good referral. you, person, can leave a comment telling me how I can help you.

(m)Okay –