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Large/Giant Breed Puppies and the Raw Diet

GiantDog_450x556Oh, what to feed your Ridgeback and St. Bernard? How can you ensure proper health during massive growth spurts? How can you best maintain the integrity of their skeletal system as they grow older?

The raw diet is a great place to start. Staring a puppy with a diet of raw meat and reducing grains and yeast will help them get a strong start in life. You will also want to limit their foods so they grow slower, but doing so under a watchful and informed eye.

Also, keeping their exercise to a limit in the first year is important. Young injuries can creep up when that dog is full grown and 3 years old. So resist the long hikes or extended runs. Instead, let your pup play with other dogs and ensure he or she is resting as well.

If you’re wanting to read more about the raw diet and raising a large puppy, check out Dr. Billinghurst’s book “Grow Your Pups with Bones”.