Moe's Meats

Raw Turkey Necks for Your Dog

Moe’s Meats is happy happy happy to sell turkey necks for your raw fed dog. To make it easy for feeding, we sell turkey necks in packs of 3 or 4 that weigh a little over 2 pounds. This ensures you won’t have to mess around we defrosting and then pulling apart large quantities of necks – that’s our job.

If you dog has never had a turkey neck before, supervise their first few feedings. Sometimes it’s unbelievable how dogs can chew through and crunch bone and then swallow what seems like large pieces. If it makes you uncomfortable, look away but stay nearby until you are sure he knows what he’s doing.

Most dogs don’t have a problem with eating raw turkey necks, but we always feel it’s better to be safe and be at home when he’s chowing down on his soon to be favorite meal – RAW TURKEY NECKS!!