Moe's Meats

The Rebranding Process: Raw Meat for Dogs

Moe, from Moe's Meats and Bones, charging forward to his bowl of raw meat and bones.
Moe, from Moe’s Meats and Bones, charging forward to his bowl of raw meat and bones.

The idea for a site relaunch started pretty randomly: the Columbia River delivery guy who brings Moe his product made a comment that Moe’s Meats was easily the top-selling home-based business in Portland, and that, month-to-month, we move more product than just about any retail shop in town. We had no idea. So, we decided to rebrand Moe’s Meats to showcase his top-selling raw meat and bones business.

A few weeks in to the rebrand, as we considered the look and feel, we knew we needed a new logo and identity. The final result of Moe’s new logo and brand is beyond anything we could have imagined, complete with a new “bowl mark” that clearly identifies Moe as Moe.

We also wanted some new photography. Staging frozen meat may have been one of the strangest photo shoots of all time, complete with dry ice. There were so many awesome pics that didn’t make it to the site, like the one on this post. The Home page photo with the bowl in the background really drove a lot of our decisions around final design.
To round out the identity, we wanted to get some action shots of Moe as well. Actually, it was Moe who wanted to showcase his eternal youth and vigor. From these action shots the idea for a commercial video came to mind that highlights the ordering and fulfillment aspect of Moe’s Meats and Bones.

Moe was happier than a puppy rolling in a patch of horse manure when his new site was released. We may never give him the storefront he wants, but he now has the most awesome and amazing web experience and brand ID across this great, meaty land.