Moe's Meats

Raw Meat and Bones in Portland, Oregon

Moe's Meats and Bones - Ridgeback Owned & Operated in Portland, Oregon
Moe’s Meats and Bones – Ridgeback Owned & Operated in Portland, Oregon

What is Moe’s Meats and Bones?

Moe’s Meats sells ground, raw meat and raw bones to dogs and cats throughout the Portland metro area, Seattle, Vancouver, Corvallis, and even Bend.

What kind of bones do you sell?

Ohh, we’ve got quite a selection of raw meaty bones for your dog. Turkey necks, chicken, feet, duck necks, chicken backs, and recreational bones. These bones can be purchased in a solid frozen block, or broken up into gallon freezer bags. AND, if you want a type of raw bone that isn’t listed on our Shop Meat page, just ask us and we’ll try to get it in for you!


Tell me about your ground raw meat?

Moe’s Meats sell Columbia River Natural Pet Food. Some meat contains bones, some has veggies, and some has organ meat. On the Shop Meat page you can find a detailed breakdown of each meat. All the Columbia River meat comes frozen in 2-pound tubes, clearly labeled and easy to store in your freezer.


How do I order from Moe’s Meats?
That’s simple. Email or call us¬†and tell us what you want to order. We keep over 1,000 pounds of meat and bones in stock and we’ll quickly reply back to you to confirm your order and pickup time. When you come to our home, your order will be waiting for you on the porch, boxed up and ready to go!