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Love Your Pet – Sourced Wild Raw Meats

Ready for this? Love Your Pet raw meat pet food offers high-quality, wild caught meats for your dogs and cats. Love Your Pet sources their wild meats from the mountains of Utah. They believe, “Food is fuel for your pets and we believe that raw, quality food can help your pet reach their full potential.”

For meats that aren’t wild caught, Love Your Pet’s organic free-range bison, for example, is raised on the open grasslands of Montana. After full and free lives, a few are humanely harvested to provide both humans and pets with heart-healthy meat that is rich in nutrients and naturally low in fat. What other company can say that about their bison?

The Love Your Pet products are flash frozen into 16-ounce blocks and sold to you straight from our freezers in Northeast Portland. To order, head on over to our Shop Love Your Pet page. If you’re looking for more information from the manufacturer, you can find it here.