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Answers Pet Food Detailed Cat Formula

We carry all the Answers Pet Food products, but sometimes it takes us a while to get everything listed on our website. If you have an Answers product you love, but you don’t see it on our Answers Pet Food Shop page, just send us a note. We’ll be able to get it in for you. And your order will be a prompt to add that product to our website.

Our freezers are stocked with the Detailed Cat Formula from Answers. We have four varieties in easy-to-thaw 1-pound containers. Make sure you thaw these on a plate because they can leak. Once thawed you can leave them in the container or transfer to a bowl and keep in the fridge.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Nigel, loves him so Answers. Our dog, Maji, also enjoys eating the cat food – especially the pork. Let us know if you have any questions. Happy feeding!