Moe's Meats

Small Batch Raw Meat Sliders for Cats

Single-source protein, complete raw diets for cats featuring 97-98% meat, organ, and bone.

We love love love love love love Small Batch Sliders for cats. The sliders are perfectly-sized for cats, they thaw quickly, the bag reseals easy and they are priced at a good value, especially considering how long it takes for cats to eat 3-pounds of raw meat.

The sliders are complete meals in 1-ounce portions. You’ll get around 48 sliders per bag and it will last you a long time. Our customers really appreciate the sliders because of the 3-pound size. A lot of raw meat cat foods come in much smaller portions.

If you haven’t tried these sliders, give it a go and let us know how much your Portland kitty loves their new food.