Moe's Meats

We Carry All Small Batch Products

Moe’s Meats loves their Small Batch products and we carry the complete Small Batch line. We just don’t have all their products listed on our site. If you want something, just ask. We will bring it in for you.

The Small Batch raw products are complete raw meat pet meals that are single-source proteins, veggies, and natural supplements.

Small Batch Blends that are ground meat or meat with veggies only. These tubes are intended for supplemental feeding only, raw feeders who want to supplement, intermittent rotational feeding (we love adding these into the mix for our pets, or added to a favorite raw meat base mix.

Small Batch freeze-dried are the same formulas you feed raw, but freeze-dried for ease of use. These are shelf-stable meats that are perfect for camping, traveling, pet sitters and can be used as a treat for training.