Moe's Meats

Human Point of View: Components of the Raw Meat Diet

Satchel asked me to blog about what raw meaty bits are included in the raw meat diet. Before I list everything below, let me first shout out to Moe for lending today’s blog space – you’re the best Moe!!! Raw Meaty BonesChicken, turkey, duck, and pork necks, chicken feet, chicken backs and wings, rabbit Ground … Read more

Rec Bones

in the sun, with a rec bone, i almost forget how hot it is. now people. you should be, like, feeding rec bones to your loved ones, at least, like, 3 times a week. clean teeth, healthy’s like tv for your dog.

For Kinley – a poem

your eternal spiritmoves swiftlike ridgeson the hunt to prowl aroundone last timeon your porchwhere you taught me to romptrack fliesand scare childreninto thinking i was as meanas my looksand not justa puppy inside Dedicated to my grandma, Kinley, whose spirit ascended from this rock over the rainbow bridge. I’ll be seeing you again and again….Satch